Facilities et Rentes



Fees (Exchange rate: $1=500CFA)


Airport Pick-up *WARA will arrange to have you picked up and taken to your lodgings.


10,000 CFA
Housing/ Hébergement * Arrangements for home stays with Senegalese Families

* Information on University housing and apartments

* Information on hotels


free for affiliated scholars

free for affiliated scholars

**Affiliation  (for one semester or portion thereof). Affiliated scholars will receive formal letters of affiliation and assistance with research clearance, full access to WARC’s research library, and use of WARC facilities. West African scholars/ResearchersUS and other non-African scholars/Researchers

Current WARA Members’ rate (*)

$50 US / 25,000 CFA$ 125 US / 62,500 CFA

$75 US / 37,500 CFA

Library Subscription (to be renewed annually) Senegalese Students
Non-affiliated researchers and foreigners


2,500 CFA
5,000 CFA


Photocopy   25 CFA/page
Fax Send/page


1,000 CFA/page
500 CFA/page


Conference Room Rental – Includes TV, VCR, and DVD player; laptop and digital projector, and the services of technician Conference Room I



Conference Room II

100,000 CFA/day



150,000 CFA/day


Classrooms WARC’s small classrooms are ideal for language classes and other small groups 50,000 CFA/week