Highlight: Tracy BACH

Professor Tracy Bach: “Climate Changes in the 21st Century: Challenges and Responses”

In collaboration with the US Embassy in Dakar, the West African Research Center(WARC), on Wednesday, April 24, 2012, hosted a public lecture by Professor Tracy Bach of the Vermont Law School(University of Vermont) on the topic: “Climate Changes in the 21st Century: Challenges and Responses”.

The lecture, which was moderated by the Director of Research in Biotechnologies at the Senegalese Ministry of Higher Education and Research, Dr Ismaïla Diallo, with a faculty from the UCAD Institute of Environmental Sciences, Dr Assane Goudiaby, as respondent, was attended by specialists from the various Dakar-based institutions specializing in environmental and climatic issues as well as by a public essentially composed of young men and women. This massive presence of young people led the various speakers to emphasize the need to preserve the future of humankind through a responsible and highly committed management of current environment-related problems.


A view of panelists on climate changes

Professor Bach primarily focused on the legal aspects of climate changes throughout the world and insisted on the responsibilities of global industrial powers, which are the main polluters of planet earth.

Dr Diallo and Dr Goudiaby stressed the need for developing countries to engage in collective efforts and initiatives to face the negative effects of climate changes and to engage in innovative strategies to preserve their environmental resources as well as their populations.

The 50 attendees subsequently engaged in lively and insightful exchanges with the three panelists.


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