HIGHLIGHT AHP ACLS conference Ghana

HIGHLIGHT: African Humanities Program(AHP) Consultative Regional Assembly in Ghana

Accra,Ghana, International Students’ Guest Center (ISGC) May 31 – June 02, 2018

After the AAA/ASA meeting in Johannesburg (25-28 May 2018) the Director of the West African Research Center (WARC) flew to Accra, Ghana, to attend the Consultative Regional Meeting of the African Humanities Program (AHP). AHP is a program of fellowships under the umbrella of the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) which has been collaborating with WARC since October 2008. AHP conf0005The Program offers fellowships to Phd and post-doctoral students and faculty in an attempt to strengthen human resources and capabilities in the area of the social sciences in Africa. The Program offers those fellowships only in a number of anglophone countries including Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe. Although no francophone african country is served by AHP, WARC was chosen as a host institution receiving every year 2 to 4 AHP fellows who take advantage of the resources and amenities offered by WARC to engage in the writing of their Phd dissertations or any other papers for conferences and publication.

Participants visiting an AHP fellow guesthouse in Accra

Participants visiting an AHP fellow guesthouse in Accra

The meeting was a great opportunity for the WARC Director to interact with fellows planning to come to Dakar for lengths of staying varying between a few weeks to two months. While in Accra, the Director took several initiatives to make WARC better known and more visible and particularly insisted on the fact that anglophone researchers should not fear the language barrier in Senegal as many faculty, scholars, researchers and resource persons in Senegal are fairly fluent in english and that almost all the staff of WARC are bilingual.
Several participants confirmed their option to choose WARC as their host institution.

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