Study Abroad Programs

Study Tours in Senegal and West Africa

Over the years, the West African Research Center (WARC) has developed strong experience and expertise in the area of study abroad and study tours for students and scholars seeking to consolidate their knowledge and develop hand-on experience of west african local realities. Undergraduate and graduate students are potentially future scholars and academics and therefore it stands to reason that WARC, the institution promoting research in West Africa, puts in place the conditions to help them further pursue and perfect their academic professionalism on african issues, more particularly, on current developments on the continent.

In this respect, it should be noted that the Director of the West African Research Center (WARC) has been involved with study abroad programs implemented by US Universities in Senegal and West Africa for the last 25 years. Some staff members also started work at WARC as study abroad programs assistants and are quite familiar with the intricate and sometime complex management of study tours.

Indeed, the West African Research Center (WARC) has all the pre-requisites and requirements to be the one partner capable of successfully working with overseas higher learning institutions for the successful implementation of a study tour program:

  • seasoned, experienced and committed staff
  • a varied portfolio of resource institutions and resource persons for field visits, lectures and events
  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors in various subjects including local language learning
  • state-of-the art equipments and congenial work spaces and classroom in the
    Center’s premises
  • WI-FI and other technical amenities such as videoconferencing equipment etc……
  • a solid experience of the various regions of Senegal for field trips and other in- country activities
  • a network of contact and resource persons and institutions all over Senegal and in other west african countries
  • fine catering services
  • a network of host families and reasonably priced hotels in Dakar and the other regions of Senegal
  • excellent partnerships and collaborative working relations with senegalese and west african universities and other higher education institutions
  • good professional relations with local government institutions and diplomatic representations to ensure the safety and security of study abroad programs foreign participants

It should also be noted that the staffs long-standing experience in study tours and study abroad programs has helped them develop strong expertise in study abroad program designing and budgeting and they have always been valuable supports to overseas programs managers. Study tours in a country like Senegal are a golden opportunity to break the wall of monolingualism and embrace the rich cultural world which proficiency and fluency in other languages stand to offer. In this respect WARC has a whole array of competent, skilled and experienced instructors in the various senegalese national languages, in WOLOF in particular, but also in Pulaar, Mandinka, Serer etc…

Classes are also frequently offered in the official language of the country, French. Furthermore, the Center also offers the possibility for initiation in other west african and african languages.

So, come to WARC and be the speaker of several tongues!

Our portfolio of partners include some of the finest universities, colleges and professional learning institutions in the United States and other parts of the world.

Join the WARC team for a life-changing and transformational experience as you
come to experience diversity, multi-culturalism, cross-culturalism as well as the
legendary Teranga of West African peoples.

For contact and further information, please get in touch with
Mariane Yade
West African Research Center,
Tel: 011 (221) 33 865 22 77 / 011 (221) 77 065 26 40

Here we are:  Words on WARC. Cut and parse as you like!

“The University of Chicago partnered with WARC to run a new Study Abroad program in Winter 2018.  This program marks the first time that the University of Chicago has brought a group of students to Senegal for formal study, and it would not have been surprising had we encountered some serious challenges during our first run. But the quarter unfolded very smoothly and, with Professor Ousmane Sene at the helm, WARC stood at the ready to accommodate a great variety of needs and particulars.  Mariane Yade set up homestays, which helped to anchor our students in their neighborhoods and teach them about Dakarois life.  At WARC’s headquarters, we made use of functional and fully-equipped classrooms.  Students regularly ate at the canteen, which serves delicious lunchtime options.  Language classes taught in the afternoon helped to ground students in French and Wolof — those language teachers earned rave reviews from our students for their knowledge and dynamism, and the way that they combined the fine-points of language use with more general discussions of Senegalese culture and society.  WARC also set up language groups with students at Universite Cheikh Anta Diop. And staff were happy to set up various outings and trips for our group; I only wish we had more time to spend outside of Dakar visiting different parts of the country.

There is no doubt that we will continue to partner with WARC when we next return, in Winter 2020.”  [but not with Focus One. ]


-Emily Lynn Osborn

Associate Professor of History and the College

Faculty Director

University of Chicago