HIGHLIGHT Djibril Diop

HIGHLIGHT: Book Presentation and Dedication
Djibril Diop: Urbanisation et Gestion du Foncier a Dakar(L’Harmattan Senegal, 2012)

Djibril Diop: Les Regions a l’Epreuve de la Regionalisation au Senegal: Defis et Perspectives(L’Harmattan Senegal 2012)

Djibril Diop: Decentralisation et Gouvernance Locale au Senegal: Quelle Pertinence pour le Developpement Local(L’Harmattan Senegal 2006)

The three books above were presented on the same day Thursday December 6, 2012 by the author, a senegalese faculty and university don currently established and teaching in Canada.
Mr Djibril Diop, who graduated from University Gaston Berger(Saint Louis, Senegal) before completing a Phd in a french university focuses his research activities essentially on urbanization, decentralization, territorial management, local government and local populations’ empowerment.

A view of the audience

All three books focus on the macrocephalia of the senegalese capital, Dakar, the resulting drift from the land and the scarcity of investment opportunities for the other regions in Senegal.

The statisitics provided, particularly in the book dealing with urbanization and land grab issues in Dakar helps the reader understand all the various development problems concentrated in Dakar: high poverty and unemployment rates, specially among the youth, money laundering though investment in the building sector, the need for improved planning of the urban space etc……

The three books were highly recommendation to the over 35 people who attended the event.

Meanwhile the DAART walls are going up

Meanwhile, the walls of the future DAART building are steadily going up at WARC..

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